The term midwife generally implies one of three things, either a woman has chosen to become a DEM, LM, CPM, or CNM. Certified Professional Midwives and Direct Entry Midwives practice in the home birth or sometimes the birth-center setting depending on the state in which they practice. In Texas, CPM's are required to hold a license from the state which gives them the designation of LM, CPM.  LM's practice in the birth center and home birth settings.   Certified Nurse Midwives practice in a hospital setting and maintain a collaborative relationship with doctors. The path through which a midwife has chosen her education varies from woman to woman and includes an academic program of study, an apprenticeship or both. There is no "more correct" method of education. Rather, there are different paths that lead to the same goal of serving birthing couples in the birth center, homebirth or hospital setting. Interview your midwife as you would any other care provider. Ask a lot of questions and make sure you are comfortable with the answers. As one of the LM, CPM's at your birth, I will provide prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care for both the mother and the baby. I have a special interest in prenatal nutrition, VBAC and waterbirth. My education is through the Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery. Additional training includes adult, child and infant CPR with AED, First Aid, Neonatal Resuscitation, waterbirth credential, breech birth skills and breastfeeding certifications. My birth experience has included lots of natural vaginal water births as well as VBAC, single mothers, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  I have experience as a doula with twins and higher order multiples, cesarean section recovery, epidural/narcotic anesthesia, and caring for special needs infants. Out of hospital birth requires a large amount of personal responsibility for both your pregnancy and your birth. While your midwife is present to safeguard the passage of mother and child through the birth process, you are ultimately responsible for your birth. A high level of commitment to health (mental, physical and spiritual) through birth preparation and prenatal nutrition is essential.  We are excited to help guide you through the process of pregnancy and birth.