For centuries, home birth was the routine method of childbearing.  It wasn't until the 1900's that women began having their babies in the hospital.  While homebirth is not the right choice for every couple, it is a viable alternative for any low risk woman.  A mother hoping to achieve a drug and intervention free birth should explore the homebirth option. Here are a few of the advantages to having your baby at home.
  • Birth is perceived as a normal physiologic event, not a medical procedure or emergency.
  • Complete control over birth environment (noise level, lighting, number of people present) which leads to increased feeling of safety and ability to cope with labor.
  • Freedom to labor the way you want to. Women feel much less inhibited in the privacy of their home.
  • Increased bonding with baby, partner and other children.
  • Formation of a relationship with midwife and doula which enhances the birth experience.
  • Reduced chance of intervention by care provider.
  • No temptation to take pain relieving drugs.
  • No interruption of labor by a trip to the hospital.
  • No routine medical procedures done to baby.
  • Strong support of breastfeeding and immediate contact between mom and baby.

The largest single American study of planned homebirths with a trained attendant has been published!

Here are some links to information about homebirth. * If you are planning a homebirth, this is the place to begin gathering your information. Included in this area of the Midwifery Today site is information on the safety and risks of homebirth, who assists at a homebirth and how to find a midwife.