">There seems to be a lot of wisdom in little Anastasia's eyes. ">William getting to know mom. ">Richard was waterborn and caught by his dad. ">Richard
">Gregory - so new he's still wet. ">Gregory all warm and snuggling with Daddy. ">Reagan. She weighed 10#! ">Reagan
">Grady just after mama cleaned him up. ">Renae was caught by her daddy just moments before this photo was taken. ">Renae gets a newborn exam from her wonderful dog Cody and Erika. ">All 10#4oz of perfect miss Emily was gently waterborn.
">Adelaide makes a gentle entry surrounded by family and her midwife. ">Adelaide was caught by her mama in the water. ">Adelaide getting weighed ">Frances smiles for the camera.
">Erika at The Farm with Ina May ">Clara made a quick entry into the world! ">Clara and mom nursing for the first time  
">Tristan skin to skin with mom.