Many physicians are uncomfortable allowing a woman to vaginally birth a breech baby. Because of this fear, most physicians will suggest a cesarean section if the baby is breech after the 37th week of pregnancy. There are options. Family Tree Midwives do not subscribe to the common midwifery philosophy that "breech is a variation of normal".  Instead, it is our belief that with the proper preparation and a skilled attendant, the slightly increased risk can be mitigated.  Breech vaginal birth is considered on a case by case basis.  Factors influencing whether a vaginal breech birth should be attempted include:
  • commitment of client and partner to breech vaginal birth
  • the position of the placenta
  • the exact position of the baby
  • mother's birth history
  • baby's estimated weight
  • distance from the hospital
  • agreement to transport if midwife feels it's necessary

Vaginal Breech Delivery

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